A program for organizing photos on a computer.

The program is very easy to use. Click the “Disassemble a folder with photos …” button to tell the program where to look for the photo. The button “Select folder to save photos …” sets the directory in which photos will be saved. Click the “Run!” Button to start copying. To stop the program, click the “Abort!” Button. Or close the window. If you want to delete the source files, click the “Delete original photos after copying” button.

Leave your comments (http://ainvo.com/blog/doitphotostofolder/) with questions and queries.

History of changes:
May 24, 2017
– the photos are “decomposed” into parent folders with camera names;
– Speed of processing of photos is increased.

PS If you notice a discrepancy in the translation, please help the project write a comment.

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