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Books On TV

The program is designed to prepare images of books for viewing on a TV (TV). The program allows you to: - save images of the text of books to format files.JPEG - crop images. - change text and background colors for better image perception and reduce eye fatigue. Images of each book can be saved in a separate project. Each project contains the name and the name of the directory where the files are located. Image files can be saved to an external drive and opened on TV.

Excel Compare

Program for visual comparison of Excel files. For a Windows 10. And command line: ExcelCompare.exe "ExcelFile1" "ExcelFile2" "ResFile.txt" - compare files via command line. ExcelCompare.exe "ExcelFile1" "ExcelFile2" - open file comparison for visual viewing.

Open It

The program is designed to open sets of programs and documents. Works in Windows 10.

QR Copy

Copy files over WiFi or cable from Android to Windows computer. For a Windows 10.

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